Home Staging

professional home staging vs. DIY

When your house is on the market, staging is a valuable tool to help buyers imagine your space as their future home. Well-organized rooms, curated decor and small personal touches bring out your home’s best features and communicate its full potential to buyers. Without a doubt, staged homes sell more quickly than unstaged homes.

Though staging is worth it, you …

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Open houses can provide an excellent opportunity to show off a home and possibly cause a buyer to fall in love and make an offer. Preparing for an open house is just as important as the event itself. We’re going to look at 12 open house ideas for real estate agents that will help you prepare effectively and make the …

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Soon your home will hit the market. You have a great property and a living space that’s decorated to suit your unique tastes. However, those tastes may not be the same as your prospective buyers’. You need furniture that will appeal to everyone and enhance the look of your home, enticing people into making an offer.

Few people can afford …

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