Staging an Apartment

Staging an Apartment

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A bed staged with plush pillows For prospective tenants, choosing an apartment is a big decision. It is important for potential residents to feel at home when they walk into the vacant space. This means how a landlord or property owner presents their available space can have a major impact on whether a tenant selects a particular apartment. Investing in apartment staging is a great strategy to turn your empty residential unit into a warm and inviting space.

Located in Harrisburg, PA, and serving Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia, Interior Furniture Resources offers professional staging services designed to showcase an available unit and help landlords and property owners gain more interest from potential tenants. Learn more about our apartment staging and how the services from Interior Furniture Resources can help you.

What Does Apartment Staging Mean?

Apartment staging entails temporarily furnishing a vacant unit with furniture, artwork, and other decor pieces to improve its overall look and feel. The purpose is to increase appeal and interest from prospective renters. Staging accomplishes this goal by presenting rooms that look move-in ready. This technique allows potential residents to see themselves living in the space easier than if they were to view a bare unit.

Is Staging Worth It?

Whether you’re looking to rent out an available apartment unit or sell a home, staging matters. Staging is an investment in your space. Like any investment, the question must be asked, is it worth doing? In the case of an apartment and home staging, the process is worth the effort.

Staging is a proven and effective technique used to help landlords and property owners move their available listings quickly. When a home or apartment is staged, it spends 73% less time on the market than a non-staged home or apartment. Additionally, 86% of potential buyers and renters said they find it easier to visualize themselves living in a property when it is staged.

Where You Should Focus

Even though staging is an effective tool for connecting with prospective tenants, there are ways of going about the process that produces better results than others. Proper staging requires making the most of the space available and highlighting its features. Landlords and property owners should be strategic with their staging by focusing on the most important rooms, such as:

  • Bedroom: Potential tenants do not want to have to guess what size bed will fit in the bedroom. Therefore, consider staging the largest bed size appropriate for the room. We recommend allowing for at least two feet of walking space around each side of the bed.
  • Living room: The living room is an important space within the unit because most gatherings will occur there. When staging, make the space feel bigger by strategically placing an area rug on the floor.
  • Kitchen: Depending on the size of the unit, kitchens may need to be multi-functional. Demonstrate to tenants how the space can be utilized as a dining area by including a table and chairs.
  • Bathroom: When it comes to bathroom staging, cleanliness is the top priority. Showcase a spotless and elegant space for potential renters to view.
  • Storage space: Although not often seen, storage space is a crucial factor for renters as they decide if the space is right for them. Highlight your unit’s storage by staging how it will fit linens, towels, and other items.

How Staging With Rental Furniture Works

Apartment staging with Interior Furniture Resources is offered through our furniture rental services. We offer quality furniture that you may rent for as long as you need. Clients can choose to rent furniture packages created by our expert design team or rent items for the following specific rooms based on their needs:

Clients may select their options for staging or work with one of our team members. Our friendly and helpful staff will gladly provide recommendations on which pieces will showcase your apartment unit best.

Once you are satisfied with your home furniture selections, we will establish a time and date to deliver and set up your furniture. Should at any time need to change your order, simply reach out to a team member and we will happily accommodate your request.

Have Your Apartment Professionally Staged With Interior Furniture Resources

While staging an available apartment can reap many benefits for landlords and property owners, it must be done with high-quality furniture pieces to be effective. Located in Harrisburg, PA, and serving Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia, Interior Furniture Resources offers both professional home and apartment staging. To discover more home staging tips or gain additional information on our selection of furniture pieces, contact us today at Interior Furniture Resources.