Adapting the Workplace Post-Pandemic

People Working In an Office

Redesigning the workplace is a great way to give employees a clean slate when they come back into the office post-pandemic. If many of your employees worked remotely, adjusting back to office life after all this time might be difficult. Making the transition smoother for your employees can be accomplished by updating your workplace and using office furniture rentals to create new and improved spaces. Here, Interior Furniture Resources discusses some of the ways you can revamp your office.

Consult with an Interior Designer

Before everyone returns, consider how things have changed throughout the pandemic and adapt your workspace to accommodate those changes. One thing to pay attention to when planning your new office layout is the cozy, casual atmosphere your remote employees have enjoyed at home, as well as the challenge it might be to return to the office routine.

Designing spaces that offer new and improved options for your employees can foster a smoother transition. This may mean making your workspaces more flexible with furniture such as:

  • Standing desks
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Non-traditional spaces for working with a laptop
  • Mobile office storage solutions

With so many things to contemplate when redesigning the workplace, you might find assistance from a professional to be helpful. A design team can take your ideas and make them a reality. They also can help you hit the ground running with some inspiration on what you want your new workplace to look like.

Redesigning Your Office

The layout and design of the workplace can impact your employees’ mood and work ethic. Update your workplace by furnishing it with sleek and bright furniture pieces to keep your employees feeling positive in their workspaces. Using office furniture rentals is perfect for building spaces that inspire productivity and creativity in your staff. Renting your furniture also is a great opportunity to switch things up often, especially when opportunities for growth and change present themselves. Here are some things to consider:

Communal Spaces

Building relationships between employees is an important factor in having a successful team.

Offering communal spaces in the workplace is a perfect way to encourage these relationships and a sense of community among your staff. Balancing professional areas with traditional conference furniture and casual areas with lounge seating is a great way to create an improved office vibe.

Wall Décor

Amplify your workplace by adding wall décor and helping your guests and employees feel more at home. While crisp, white walls might be great for making rooms feel open and spacious, hanging some art can enhance your room’s décor. Incorporating certain color schemes can even help boost everyone’s mood.

Health and Wellness

After the pandemic, people might be feeling a bit more conscious about germs. Having a more open floor plan can help minimize frequently touched surfaces that contribute to cross-contamination. What’s more, having an open space is not only a great way to build communication in your workplace, but it also increases ventilation.

Make the Transition Back into the Office Easier

Provide a fresh and inviting workplace for your employees with help from the office furniture rentals at Interior Furniture Resources. We cater to businesses across Pennsylvania and in parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Explore our selection of office furniture, or contact us for more information on our design and installation services.