5 Things to Consider in Furnishing Short Term Leases

Furnish short term leases

Furnishing short term leases can be a challenge; they need to look stylish and appealing to a vast array of people while also being an attractive, livable home away from home for tenants. Consider these ideas when you are furnishing your short term leases.

1. Themes

Find your theme before you start shopping for furniture. Choosing one color family to center your theme around will help to tie the decor and furniture together. But you can adapt the theme method to suit the location of your space. If you are furnishing a charming beach villa, opt for wicker or rattan furniture to bring nature inside, coordinate that with a beautiful, stylish blue upholstered sofa, and you’ll create a beautiful space. Geometric shapes and patterns with bold contemporary designs suit inner-city apartments well. Add texture to the space using throws or rugs and use prints to add interest to rooms with high ceilings.

2. Branding

Once you have found your theme, name it! Using relevant buzzwords or terms that potential guests may refer to when searching online, could make your listing more successful.

3. Be Practical

When you are furnishing short term leases, you need to be practical when you are choosing your furniture. With this in mind, you should look for furniture that is durable and high-quality to last multiple short-term tenants. Renting furniture is the best way to make sure your space has everything you need for your guests without making a huge financial commitment. The furniture is great, designer quality and can be swapped out to be cleaned and sanitized after each tenant. Renting is also a great way to explore different themes and furniture styles in your space, rather than being limited to one.

4. Appliances

You should also consider housewares and appliances when furnishing your short term leases. You need the basic kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom amenities at a minimum, but to create an attractive rental space, you also need items you would find in your own home. Offering a Smart TV and even a DVD player sets your listing apart from others.

5. Think comfort

Even though you won’t be living in your short term lease all year round, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home to someone else. When furnishing your short term leases, you need to keep in mind that your space is your guests home away from home for a temporary period. So your furniture should make them feel comfortable and functional to fit their needs. Make sure the sofa has a comfortable seating and the bedroom suite contains enough storage for their belongings.  Taking the time to provide a relaxing, yet functional, living space for your guests shows you care about the time they are spending there.

We hope that this guide helps you furnish your short term lease. If you are looking for short term furniture hire in Harrisburg, PA, please visit our rental furniture store today and browse our selection of high-quality rental furniture and rental packages today. When you shop with IFR, you’ll have your space fully furnished in only a few days.