Reading Furniture Rental

Reading Furniture Rental

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Rental Furniture in Reading, PA

UrbanLivingRoomIFR is proud to provide a large selection of high quality furniture for rent to anyone visiting Reading for work, school or personal reasons. Renting furniture is an economical way to outfit your home without a large investment. Several packages are available that include everything you need for a one, two or three bedroom apartment, with optional accessories such as flat-screen televisions, kitchen appliances and more. For nearly 50 years, IFR has been a trusted source of rental furniture in Reading and surrounding areas – browse our rental offerings and begin the process today, or call IFR directly for more information.


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Why Rent?

There are a number of reasons why renting furniture is an attractive alternative to buying outright. Here are some typical scenarios when our customers choose to rent furniture in Reading:

  • Students:If you’re in town to study at Alvernia, Albright or any other local school, renting furniture from IFR means saving money while not having to settle for low-quality or used items.
  • Employees:Renting furniture saves the extra expense of finding a furnished apartment when you’re staying in Reading temporarily for work.
  • Families:For families in between houses during a move, or those dealing with extensive renovations or repairs at home, rental furniture can quickly and easily turn a temporary space into an inviting home.
  • Real estate agents: Our furniture rental service is also used by real estate agents for home staging purposes. Show prospective buyers the potential an empty house has by filling it with attractive, clean rental furniture from IFR.

Convenient Furniture Rentals Are Just a Click Away

OMNILivingRoomEven a temporary move can be a source of considerable stress. Renting furniture from IFR has been designed to be as easy as possible. Simply go on our website, select the furniture package you want and submit an application. IFR will review your credit and, once your deposit has been received, a delivery time can be arranged. You don’t have to be present to accept the delivery – in fact, an IFR design specialist will even take the time to install and arrange your furniture for you. Imagine arriving to a fully furnished apartment! With IFR furniture, it’s easy and cost-effective to make your temporary space feel like home.

Stylish Furniture Selections for All Tastes

Since 1966, IFR has been raising the bar on rental furniture in Reading, PA. Rental furniture is available to suit any decor and taste, from the classic style of the Serenade collection to the contemporary Encore. Rent one of our convenient packages as-is, or add on options from or “a la carte” menu. Your temporary home shouldn’t have to feel empty and isolated. For a small monthly fee, IFR rental furniture can brighten any space.