Relocation Services

Relocation Services

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A location move can mean opportunity and adventure. It can also mean fulfilling your hopes and achieving goals. While your move can be beneficial, you want to be sure the process goes smoothly. A change of this magnitude requires careful planning.

IFR has been a leader in relocation services for nearly 50 years, and has helped businesses and families successfully relocate to Central PA. Our relocation experts provide a high level of personal service. You can trust us to take care of the details, so you can arrive at your new location refreshed.

Let us know your accommodation requirements. Whether you’re moving to Central PA or need a temporary space to feel like home, IFR can help.

Assistance for Anyone in Need of a New Living Space

People relocate for a wide variety of reasons. Though many move to an area where they intend to stay permanently, IFR renters are often in Central PA for a shorter timeframe. We know how difficult it can be to come to a new place and need furniture right away for your new home. We specialize in providing help to anyone in these groups, including:

Corporate Housing

When you go on an assignment, you’re often there for weeks or months at a time and need a more permanent residence than a hotel. Rental furniture from IFR can help you feel more at home.

Military Members

You could be on a short assignment to the War College or a longer-term assignment that will require your family to stay put for a year or two. Instead of shipping in your furniture from your last home, it’s easier to rent it on location in Central PA.


Central PA has many fine colleges that attract students from across the country. Rather than dragging your furniture from home, which could be thousands of miles away, it’s cheaper and more convenient to rent it here.


The proud home of the Harrisburg Senators, City Islanders, Hershey Bears and other high-quality athletic teams, Central PA has attracted many athletes who live here on a temporary basis during the season. If you need comfortable, high-quality furniture you can use for a few months and then return, IFR has the solution for you.

Emergency Housing

If your family is displaced by a natural disaster or accident, rental furniture can help make your temporary home more comfortable until all the insurance claims are worked out. We work with insurance companies to furnish emergency housing quickly, and help families get into a new living situation more easily.

Rental Furniture That Transforms Temporary Housing

If you’re on a temporary assignment, a furnished apartment can be a welcome alternative to a lengthy hotel stay. The comfort and privacy of a furnished apartment provides a greater feeling of stability and well-being.

IFR provides rental furniture and everything you need to transform housing into a home. From electronics and housewares to linens and accessories, IFR has you covered.
Choose from stylish, affordable home furnishings made by brand-name manufacturers. You can select each piece or choose one of our furniture packages curated by our professional commercial team.

Renting Furniture Can Save Your Company Money

relocation_graph2With rental furniture, your company can enjoy significant cost savings over hotel lodging. For a typical eight-month assignment, hotels can cost a company double what it would cost to supply a furnished apartment. Renting hotels can run upwards of $20,000. Furnished apartments, on the other hand, cost only between $10,000 and $15,000 over the same eight-month period – depending on the cost of living in the area.

Not only will your company benefit from immediate savings, but you’ll also find additional cost-savings through improved productivity. Employees who spend long-term stays in a furnished apartment are more content than those who stay in a hotel for extended periods.

Finding an Apartment Is Easy With Help From IFR

In addition to affordable furniture rentals, IFR can help you find an apartment. Take advantage of our free apartment locator and furnished apartment rental services.
When you rent furniture from IFR, we will tap into our information database of Central PA apartment communities to help you find your next home. IFR can connect you with fully-furnished apartment providers. The furnished apartments are ready for immediate occupancy.

Contact Us Today to learn how we can make your relocation smooth from start to finish.